Seether at the Commodore Ballroom

I’ve seen bits and pieces of this concert on YouTube, but I’ve never seen the whole concert. This version is professionaly recorded, so it’s great footage.

Seether really is incredible live.

Seether Freak


13 responses to “Seether at the Commodore Ballroom

    • Yeah, the link seems to be broken. I’ll try fixing it on the post and re-uploading it to see if that helps.

      I love that photo of Shaun! Thanks.

      Welcome to the blog! 🙂

  1. Where is the video hosted? The link doesn´t work for me. Some websites, incl. MySpace, seem to be blocked on the hotel-server i am using right now. Damnit. I need my daily Seether fix 😦

    • Okay, everyone. The link seems to be working again. Let me know if it stops working again and I’ll figure something out. 🙂

    • Chezzy, it’s on MySpace. 😦 But maybe it will work for you know that I fixed the link. You weren’t the only one it wasn’t working for.

      Are you having a good time on your vacation? 🙂

  2. No, unforutately i still doesn´t work. But this morning the error message is different. Last night it was something like “blocked” and today it´s “cannot be found” 😦
    The trip is awesome. It has a breathtaking landscape here in the south of England. Right now i am in Plymouth.

    • 😦 That sucks. Hopefully it will work for you when you get back home.

      Are you going to post some of the pics on your myspace page? 🙂

  3. Here’s some info on that concert for ya.
    I’m not sure if you saw it, but a little over a year ago I posted the original link for that show when it was first posted on the official Seether message board. The show was taped some time in the latter part of ’07 (I have the date at home). The show was filmed by Live Nation (obviously since they watermarked it and sponsored that tour) and was posted for one month as part of AT&T’s ongoing Blueroom Concert Series. Quite a few people decided to rip the video(s) and post them all over youtube, myspace, etc.
    When the show was on AT&T’s website you could view it either song by song, or as a 35 min. full video. They however reordered the videos for the full video. I reordered the videos myself a long time ago with the intent of posting the show in it’s true set order to post on my site. Just haven’t gotten around to it.
    Hope that helps you.
    webmaster of Seether-Online & Seetherville Community

    • Hey Matt! Nice to see you here. I appreciate all the info. I didn’t know about any of it. I’m not surprised about all the ripping. It happens all the time. I know you had a hard time with it on your website.

      Are you planning on putting the reordered video on your website any time soon? I’d love to let people know about it on this post because it seems that some people aren’t able to watch MySpace videos.

      Welcome to the blog! It’s kind of weird knowing you’re reading it. You’re a famous Seetherling! 😉

      Thanks for doing Seether-Online. It’s an awesome website.

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