Shaun Morgan is Here

Busy, busy on the forum. It seems that Shaun performed a surprise acoustic set in South Africa on June 3rd. Here’s the link to the article that talks about it. Go ahead. Go read it. Then come back and read what I wrote under the photo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go on…….

You’ve read it, right? Okay.

Can’t you just hear the hushed reverence of the bar patrons as they whisper to each other “Shaun Morgan is here“. Sigh. I wish I’d been there. Maybe we’ll get some videos soon.

Seether Freak


7 responses to “Shaun Morgan is Here

  1. I absolutely hate it when he does that. Surprise shows, I mean. It happened in December as well, and then I always miss the shows and hear about it afterwards!!!

    But, yeah. It would`ve been cool to be there

  2. lol.. that was funny.
    Every other band member is relaxing and he is the only one working.. He might be a workaholic.. lol.

  3. Shaun, I am Lukas Neff. I heard about your brother just recently, and i didn’t know how sad you were about it. I lost people close too. Sure i am 13 years old, but in all i have lost 200 friends and my grandmother in 2006. I know how hard it is to lose someone like that.

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