More Tattoo Info

Finally found a pic of Shaun’s new tattoo on his left arm.


It looks like some kind of skull or monster face. There’s definitely some teeth goin’ on. Click on the photo for a close-up. You might have to maneuver the scroll bars around to see his arm because the picture is so big.

And here’s a post I found from Shaun about tattoos on the forums.


I have a few tattoos, I guess. I have a tribal piece on each shoulder, another tribal piece on my neck, an angel on each forearm representing “Fire” and “Ice”, my daughter’s name in Japanese on my left forearm, a tribal uterus below my right elbow, and a tiny little trible thingy on my right wrist. I only have a lip piercing now, because the tongue started hurting after having it for 3 years.

Pat has a shitload of tat’s on tats on his right arm, including “Seether”, the uterus logo, “NARB” (the town he grew up in), “CC” (his dog’s initials), a guitar and a bunch of flames. He also has the Socialburn logo, and the Breaking Benjamin logo on his left elbow. Pat also has a labrette piercing.

Dale has “Seether” on his right forearm, a Koi fish on his upper right arm, a tribal piece on his left shoulder, a tribal dragon on his neck, and a tattoo he designed himself as a kid on his upper right shoulder. Dale also has a labrette piercing, and a single ring in each ear.

John has no tattoos. He does have earrings though.



It’s all pretty much outdated stuff since this is from 4/2005, but I did find it interesting that Dale has a tattoo that he designed as a kid. Here’s the link to the rest of the thread.

Seether Freak


3 responses to “More Tattoo Info

  1. Wait.. I Heard in an interview that he had not only his daughter’s name in his wrist but the mother of his daughter.. as I recall he said “the two important women in my life”.. I didn’t know it was in Japanese.. that is so cool, I always wanted to learn Japanese.

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