Rockstar benefits

I’ve been doing some Seether research over the past couple days, so for the next couple weeks, you’ll be getting either a video or photos or a little somethin’ somethin’ every day. 🙂 Here’s the first video.

A fan (?) singing 69 Tea to Shaun and some chick. For those of you who are into all things Shaun, I’m sure you’ll notice the really interesting thing about this video. 😉

Seether Freak


14 responses to “Rockstar benefits

  1. Can someone please tell me the interesting thing about this video?! Its killing me!! My computer won’t let me watch videos unless there on youtube 😦

    • That completely sucks!

      In the video, Shaun is sitting next to a girl with his hand on her thigh and/or holding her hand. Very intimate.

  2. Jeez, i am so obsessed. I have my netbook with me in England and our first hotel has free wi-fi. So what´s the first thing i am doing? Looking for Seether news of course 🙂
    But you gotta help me. I didn´t notice anything special. Maybe because i am too tired. I got up at 4 am and we drove by bus for about 10 hrs. and i´m sooooooooooooo hungry. But i gotta wait 30 more minutes for dinner. I´m starving!!! So what is it?

    • Yay! You’re in England. Have tons of fun on vacation. 🙂

      I feel ya’ with the whole Seether obsession thing. LOL

      • See above comment for what’s so interesting about the video. Maybe I’m the more obsessed one if I’m the only one who noticed. LOL 😉

  3. that’s what I saw too.. I swear I was going to say that.. lol
    awww.. but is it really shaun I want to secan’t tell if he has tattoos in his arm.. I don’t want to see him holding some girl’s hand 😦 but I guess..

  4. oops.. this computer messes up what I write 😦 sorry I meant to say *awww.. but is it really shaun, I can’t tell if he has tattoos in his arm.

    • It certainly looks like Shaun. He’s wearing the bracelets he always wears. And it sounds like Shaun.

      Don’t worry, it’s old footage from April 2006 or earlier. 🙂

  5. Does he? I watched it again this morning and i don´t see anything. But the screen here is sooo little….I see he´s smoking but that´s it.

  6. Yeah I see he has his hand in her lap and she is sort of holding him by the arm. Well I can’t see very well either but If it’s old then I guess it’s
    He might still be with someone though.. I hope she know he is Unique.

    • I think I hear him say something like, “I wrote that song six years ago, man.” Does it sound like that to anyone else?

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