Soundcheck Risers with Seether

Chezzy found this awesome new interview with Seether. She’s having problems uploading it on YouTube, so here’s the link to watch it until she gets it working. Once she does, I’ll post the YouTube version. Thanks Chezzy!

Doesn’t Troy look cool during the opening of Careless Whisper? Shaun still had the new tattoo covered in the interview. Has anyone seen a good photo of his new tattoo on his right arm yet? I’ve been wanting to do another post about Seether tattoos, but I wanted to include a photo of Shaun’s new one.

Seether Freak

Edit: Updated with Chezzy’s YouTube video. 🙂


13 responses to “Soundcheck Risers with Seether

  1. I don´t know why i am having the sync problems recently. It´s so annoying…

    Unfortunately i haven´t seen the new tattoo yet. I have heard it´s blue, blue skull or something. The girl got only a quick look when Shaun uncovered it for a short moment. On all the pictures from Japan you only see the other arm :/

    • Could the sync issues be caused by the issue you were having a while ago with the whole YouTube/Germany thing? And did you notice that your Coffee Inspiration video isn’t working? Cool name for it by the way. 🙂

      Maybe someone else will know of a picture. How did you find out about it possibly being a blue skull?

  2. The issues i had with You Tube in the past were caused by an old greasemonkey script i used with Firefox. I don’t think it has anything to do with the sync problem. But who knows.
    I can’t recall where i read about the tattoo. The forum? My Space? Facebook? I tried to find it again but no luck so far.
    The coffee video is working for me. That is weird. Maybe because i had it marked as private for a couple of days.

    • Maybe it’s just me. I’ve been having some weird internet issues since last night. I hope I don’t have a virus or something. 😦

  3. It was me that said it was a blue skull on the seether message board. But I’m not an expert on tattoos and I only saw it for a bit, so I could be wrong! I’ll let you know if I find any pics!

    • I love these pictures, and they’re not from that long ago. Just December. I think I’m going to do up a post about them. 🙂 Thanks

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