AT&T Live Nation Concert

Chezzy found another great website! In case you all couldn’t tell, Chezzy is taking over the responsibilities of the blog. I’m just kidding. But she really has been finding some awesome stuff.

This concert footage she found is really great. There’s no date posted, but it’s from the beginning of the FBINS tour and pre-Troy. It’s odd seeing them play without Troy. He really is a great addition to the band.

I love Shaun wearing the scrub top. I’ve seen him wearing it in an interview and in photos and I always wonder if he knew it was a scrub top. He probably did. He’s an intelligent guy. And I really don’t blame him for wearing it. They’re super comfy. In fact, I wish I could wear scrubs all the time. If you don’t have a pair, run to Wal-Mart and buy a pair just to wear around the house. You’ll thank me. 😉 My favorite is the stretchy + drawstring pants (can’t go wrong with those sexy things) and the two-pocket top. I own that exact set in that color. And before you all think I’m more than just a Seether Freak 😯 , I wore scrubs for work. That’s why I own them. 😛

I’m done rambling. Back to Seether stuff. Watch the concert. Enjoy.


Seether Freak


10 responses to “AT&T Live Nation Concert

  1. Ok to shed light on the Scrubs..
    Well the scrub that shaun uses are used for medical assistants and staff, registered nurses uses white and doctors use white as well. How do I know? I am studying to be a ragistered nurse. So I hope this all helped. He does look good with it on though rigth? 😉

  2. BTW..

    The different clothes are to distinguish them and of course to not get their clothes dirty.. I use some in my classes, for experiments and hands on training. ok enough of that, i don’t want to sound all “Mrs. know it all” cause I am not.

    • LOL. And they’re super comfy too.

      That’s cool that you’re going to be an RN. How much longer until you graduate?

  3. I have a year and a half to go. I really want to go to med school, and do some charity in different countries, maybe one of then could be Africa..hehe 😉

    • That would be really cool. 🙂

      In high school I thought about doing medical research…until I found out how long I’d have to go to school to do it.

  4. Yeah it’s a long time, I know I probably will be forty by the time I’m done but it’s worth it when you can help someone in need.:)

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