Seether going to Canada…again.

Did you all notice the tour update on They’re going back to Canada. What happened to their break?

07.19.09    Quebec City, Canada      Quebec City Summer Festival.


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19 responses to “Seether going to Canada…again.

  1. I really hope the guys won’t get burnt out… Nor that Shaun’s voice will be damaged. :/
    Don’t get me wrong – I loooove Seether so much I’ve even tattooed the S on my ankle, but as a dedicated fan I hate the fact that these guys hardly get any time to just be normal and have quality time with their families and friends. I guess being in Seether is a 24/7 job, but it breaks my heart when I see interviews where the guys are sick and tired and in dire need of a break. I went to Birmingham, England in January to see their show and they’re AMAZING live (I actually left when Staind started to play because they couldn’t measure up to Seether, which I regret now – because the Seether-guys met the fans after the show – just my luck – I traveled from Norway just to see them) I had a great birthday though… *laughing* 😛

    I really wish them all the best, and as long as they keep on playing music I will support them – as I have done the past 6 years.

    They’ve been around for a decade, let’s hope we’ll have them around for (at least) another one – although they might not want to if they’re constantly pushed too hard. :/ *Wishing for the best* ^^

    With love, “Huldra”

    • That’s so sad you missed meeting the guys, but at least you got to see them in concert and travel to England for your birthday!

      They still have a contract with Wind-Up, so I’m sure they’ll be around for a while longer. But it will never be long enough for us fans. Can you imagine a 65-year-old Shaun rockin’ out to Remedy on stage? We can only dream. 🙂

  2. I wonder why they don´t have the WI date on the website. It´s on MySpace though. I hope they won´t burn out. I don´t know if i can blame the label for the new dates though i´d like to do. but on the other hand it seems like the guys – esp. Shaun – don´t want to be offstage for too long. When he was on South Africa in Dezember during their break, what did he do? Resting? Spending time with his family? Well, i guess i did but he also had a couple of stage appearances. Kirstenbosch and others.

    Out of topic again: Have you seen this concert before: ? I am pretty sure i haven´t. I have seen an AT&T show before but it´s a different one. I tried to upload to YouTube but for some reason it won´t work. I keep getting errors.

    • You’re anonymous now, huh? I have special powers, so I know it’s you Chezzy. LOL

      Maybe and their MySpace page are updated by two different people/companies. Who knows.

      I haven’t seen this concert footage before! How cool that you found it! I’ve seen interviews and photos from it, I think. I recognize the shirt because I always think it’s funny he’s wearing it. I always wonder if he realized it was a scrub top. I’m going to do a post about it now so everyone can see it. It’s really good footage. If you ever get it on your YouTube channel, let me know and I’ll change the link in the post to your YouTube.

      I love Shaun’s voice live. *dreamy sigh*

  3. Why am i anonymous??? Maybe because switch between two different email addies all the time? I never know which one i used the last time and i delete the cookie at work all the time so nobody can track me down 🙂

  4. I need a bit of distraction every now and then 🙂 And today it´s so boring. We had a public holiday yesterday and today most of the staff took a day off for a long weekend. So i am here almost alone in a house that has usually over 100 people.

  5. It´s Ascension Day. Hmm, i have never used this word in english before. I looked it up in the dictionary. Do you know what i mean? Most of our public holidays have a christian origin except the memorial day for the german re-unification and the first of May.
    I love the time between April and June. We have 6 free days. 2 for easter, 1 for Ascension, 1 for Whitsun, 1 for Corpus Christi and 1 on the first of May.

    • Holy cow! Do you get paid for them? I’d heard that European countries gave lots of time off, but jeez. We only have 6 holidays during the whole year that are “paid” holidays. Whether or not you get the day off depends on where you work.

  6. Yep, all these days are paid. We also have days off on Okt. 3 (german re-unification), 25.+26. of December for Christmas and on Jan. 1. And the institution i work for (a chamber of commerce) has days off on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31.
    The public days depend on the state where you live in Germany. In places like Bavaria, they have even more. Other states have less.
    I have heard that you get only 2 weeks paid holiday in the US. Is that true? Here it´s between 5 and 7. I get 6. Btw, i´ll be in England from June 6 til June 14. Damn, that´s bad timing. I wanted to see Shinedown but they are here when i´m in England and they are in England when i´m back home. No luck with me and seeing my favorite bands live 😦

    • 😯 6 weeks! Here the average is 2 weeks paid vacation. Some places give more if you’ve worked there for a really long time. Some places don’t give any paid vacation. The last place I worked I got 1 week paid vacation for the year but I had to work there for a year before I started getting it. And the place before that I got 2 weeks, but it was accrued throughout the year. So I didn’t actually have my full 2 weeks off until December. So in January I would have 6.6 hours available to me. February 13.2. Etc. So it would take 2 months before I could afford to take off one day since a work day is 8 hours here. Did that make sense?
      That reminds me of something else I’ve heard. Your work weeks are less than 40 hours per week. Is that true?

      • And that sucks about not getting to see Shinedown. But how cool that you’re going to England. Are you going for vacation or for work?

  7. It´s a private vacation.
    I work 40 hrs. per week. Some work less, some more. It depends on the company and the labor agreement.

    Awwh, i am just having some good memories. The radio station i am listening to here at work has an “Rock all day” day (usually it´s Top 40 stuff) and right now they are playing Skid Rows 18 and life. Skid Row was the first rockconcert i have ever been to. I was so in love with Rachel Bolan when i was a teen. 🙂
    They didn´t play Seether so far. In fact i have never heard them on the radio here.

    • That’s one of the great things about music. The memories it can bring back.

      I hope you have fun on your vacation. 🙂

      I’m off to bed. Have a good day at work.

  8. Ok so I know chezz lives in a European ountry, where do you live? must be within the United States since you are celebrating memorial day (just curious).

    • I live in the U.S. and that’s all I’ll tell. 😛

      I try not to post identifying info on my blogs. Too many crazy people online.

  9. Also it is amazing how many weeks you get off chezz..
    And you’ll be in England on my birthday.. don’t know what to do yet but I Hope you enjoy your vacations..:)

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