Cover Wednesday 5/20/2009

I’m featuring a little band out of  the UK called System Glitch singing Broken this week. The singer does a great job covering the song. After watching many people try to cover the song, I’ve realized it’s not easy to sing well. A lot of the covers either make my skin crawl or there’s no power in the singers voice.  The singer of System Glitch does a good job of staying in his range. Good luck with the band.

Go Shaun for singing it every night on stage for the past several years and it being perfect every time!

Seether Freak


3 responses to “Cover Wednesday 5/20/2009

  1. This guy in The System Glitch band does a good job on singing this song.. Although it made me realize that shaun sings this song while playing the guitar. Hmmm.. that’s must be hard, and Shaun sings with a lot more passion which is AWESOME.. bravo to shaun..

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