What do you skip?

My previous post Playin’ with Seether has quite the comment section going. The newest Seether Freak on the blog (hi Eve) asked me what my favorite Seether song is. I told her it was Driven Under. Not a big surprise if you know me from the Seether.com forums and know my name on there is drivenxxxunder.

That got me thinking. What’s my least favorite Seether song?

While I don’t actually hate or even dislike any Seether song, I do have a few that I skip over when listening to all their albums on my iPod. So I guess those will count as my least favorite songs.

                    Fake It (I’m just plain tired of this one. Good song. Funny song. But never listen to it anymore.)

                    Rise Above This (This one, especially the video, makes me tear up. It’s the only song to ever do that. That’s how good it is. But I never listen to it anymore.)

                    Broken (Love the song, but it’s been horribly overplayed.)

                    Fine Again (Another amazing song, but I’m just tired of it.)

What do you skip? I would love to know. Feel free to be honest. This is a judgement-free zone. All opinions are welcome here, except for unnecessary Seether bashing and spam. 🙂


Seether Freak


4 responses to “What do you skip?

  1. Hmm, let´s see
    Ride with the devil on FBINS
    I´m the one and Simplest Mistake on K&E
    No skip on Disclaimer
    Pig on Fragile

    My faves on the other hand are
    Fine again on Fragile
    Needles on Disclaimer
    Remedy on K&E
    and No Jesus Christ on FBINS

    It´s really hard to choose a favorite/least favorite track. It changes like every week 😉

  2. HI

    I would actually agree with Chez about my least favorite list changing from week to week. I guess because of my different moods, mostly though it stays in this range:
    Diclaimer- pride, pig, broken
    Karma and Effect- tongue, plastic man
    FBINS- breakdown, eyes of the devil, waste.

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