Interview with Tesia Nicoli

Short and OLD interview snippet with Seether. They all look like babies. I’ve seen photos from this interview, but never the actual interview.

seether with Tesia Nicoli

                                       The Seether part of the interview is from 0:41 to 1:25.


Seether Freak


35 responses to “Interview with Tesia Nicoli

  1. Is this video old? because Shaun has his hair long. Also I have a question for you, I heard rumors that Shaun has a new baby… they say he was born on november of 2008 or something and that he was engaged. Do you know anything about this? Well going back to the video, I didn’t know where he actually got the seether name and now I know. That’s a cool fact..

    • Yes, it’s quite old. They show the Driven Under music video, so I’m guessing the interview is from 2004.

      Here’s the link on the forums where your question about Shaun was recently talked about.

      Whatever you do, don’t ask stuff about the guys’ personal lives on the forums. They will attack you! Just a friendly warning. 🙂 It gets a little scary on there sometimes.

  2. OMG..
    That was cool, thanks for answering my question. I am glad I wasn’t the girl that asked the question lol… everyone is so hostile about a simple question. I honestly had no Idea he had two kids. I guess he can’t find the right person for him. Anyways I wish him the best, Love is a complex feeling. I really wouldn’t subscribe to that forum, I don’t like arguing and some of them seem very childish. Plus you seem to know everything I want to know and I like.. I am sticking around. 😉

    • Haha. I know. I hardly ever post on there anymore, but I do keep up on it. A few of the people on there know the band personally, so sometimes they have interesting insider information. Like Cool Beans and SolaceMatt. Cool Beans is just, well…cool, and SolaceMatt is the one that runs

      I’m so happy you like my blog. I wish I’d had a blog like this when I first got crazy about Seether. That’s why I started it. And the fact that I love talking about Seether. LOL

  3. Ohhhh noooo..
    I just noticed I asked a question in which you had answered before hand. I am
    I need to learn how to read everything before I reply.. 🙂

  4. I thought blogs were just people talking and really not having any facts.. just their personal opinion.. but I am begining to like it. I am so crazy about seether, they are so cool. Wow maybe I should keep up on that forum, I’ll check it once in a while. You seem to know the lastet news anyways, so I’ll just ask you if I need to know something(if you don’t mind). Plus you have cools videos. Thanks again..

    • That’s okay. It made me look up to see how old the video really was. Someone else was probably wondering the same thing. 🙂

  5. I read it.. hmmmm I can’t remember where but I will find the website I read it from and I’ll post it. I thoughted it was weird.

    • Yes, I would love to know.

      I know there was something about the brother of an old ex-girlfriend of Shaun’s was in a band with Dale. Shaun needed a base player and Dale’s band was breaking up so Dale joined Shaun’s band. Something like that anyway.

    • I’ll have to research it. I know they’ve talked about it in an interview before. I’ll find it, but probably not tonight.

  6. Interesting conversation here 🙂
    I just read the article mentioned above. It just says “an ex-girlfriend” Maybe it´s another girl, not the mother of his daughter/first wife.
    Awwh, i am a fangirl at heart. I love gossip. It´s a girlie thing i guess and that´s why all the “cool dudes” over at the board are bashing people who talk about stuff like that. Some of them are very nice though. Don´t be afraid to register, Eve.
    Here´s another question (i never found an answer for it) Was Shaun married to the mother of Bowie? Or is he still? Or was he divorced a second time? Questions, questions, questions. 🙂

    • I saw the ex-girlfriend thing. We just need to verify if Shaun met Dale through Dale’s sister or through the brother of Shaun’s ex-girlfriend. I’m going to go look now.

      🙂 So very many unanswered questions. Especially about Dale. Have you noticed there’s almost no personal info about Dale?

  7. Okay, I’ll join in on the gossip (even though I normally don’t gossip). It’s kind of strange, because when watching any interview Shaun is wearing a ring on his right hand ring finger (even if he says in the same interview that he is a single man… My example: – see for yourselves). Maybe it’s because he used to be a jeweler? 😛

    Which hand do one normally wear an engagement/wedding ring in S.A. or America? I’m actually not sure about the customs in my own country, but I believe it’s the left hand because it’s called the “heart-hand” (probably because the heart is located in the left part of the chest). Although, in eastern Europe they wear it on their right hand ring finger… Yes, I confuse myself right now. XD

    Okay – by the help of google I’ll answer my own question:
    North America – left hand
    South Africa – left hand
    Germany – right hand
    Norway – optional (No wonder I was confused, right?)
    “right hand if you are European…left if you are Western.”

    I do respect people’s privacy – but why keep things like that secret when spilling guts about other, more private matters? Like the children’s names, ended relationships, alcohol and drug abuse etc… I’m just asking. ^^

    Oh, I’ve written waaay too much now… XD And yeah, Dale is a mystery. :p

    • Shaun’s been wearing that ring on his right hand for a long time now. I do remember an old interview when he was still married to his ex-wife that he wore a wedding band on his left hand.

      • You mean his first wife? LOL. I noticed the ring a couple of times but don´t know when he started wearing it.
        I listened to a Shinedown interview yesterday and the singer is talking about his wife, his son, his addiction and i was like “why won´t Shaun talk about stuff like that”. I mean, i don´t wanna know the color of his kids eyes or something, just some basic stuff.
        But as you said, Dale is a even bigger mystery.
        Hey, this is getting you top commented story. 🙂 Girls and Gossip.

        • Sometimes I wonder if Shaun would be so interesting and irresistible if he wasn’t such a mystery. 🙂

          What is top commented story? Did I win something? lol

            • LOL Yea for me! Home-made apple pie is awesome.

              Ah-hem. I couldn’t have gotten this pie without all of you. Thank you to my fellow Seether Freaks. I’m honored. 🙂

  8. Wow this is all so interesting. I see shaun wearing the ring band on his right hand a lot and asked myself the same question, but maybe he is sort of keeping it as a memory… but I do believe he was married to his son’s mother because I read somewhere(I’ll find out where) that he SEPARATED for the second time.. so that means he was married to begin with.. right? Also Dale is a mistery, I can’t find anything about him. I was recently looking for a family picture, I am very curious as how his sister looks and what is Shaun’s type. All I know is that he had a crush on Cristina Ricci, but that’s it. He is so complex that it’s hard to understand if he is single or not.

  9. Oh yeah I saw that.. it’s too bad but I like to think that maybe this time he can find happiness, Honestly I love his song because I at times feel alone since I don’t have that someone I can grow old with. That’s why I think maybe he is sad as well that women he dates aren’t true to him and that just not acceptable. I mean come one, he is Shaun Morgan, who wouldn’t want him? I just hope he finds what he is looking for.

    • My man is a guitarist (honestly, he’s a musician for a living – and NO, I’m not a friggen groupie – I’m decent)and even though it’s really easy for musicians to meet girls, it’s also really hard for them to really get to know people and to keep the relationship alive because of a) the groupies (how strongly I hate them) who wants “a piece” of the man, the fame etc etc – they’re egotistical and never think about what’s best for the other person (if they even think about the other person), and b) because of the distance when touring, especially for the more known bands. (There are of course a lot more problems, but I think those two are most important).

      Most of the musicians I know have trust-issues. They’ve been hurt waaaay too many times by fakers.
      So, these guys need strong, caring, loyal, level-headed women who know how to deal with long distance relationships, invasion of privacy, breakdowns, family matters, loneliness, rumors about cheating (and rumors about EVERYTHING else), raising children by themselves most of the time because the father can’t be at home every night, alcohol abuse etc etc. Someone who can deal with all sorts of problems, and still have a career and a normal life. How many women can you think of who fits that description? It’s harder than it sounds. Love alone isn’t enough. And how do the musicians meet these girls unless these girls have to do the same as the fakers and “hunt” the men down? (by that I mean being around the guys). How to spot “the right girl” in the crowd? I sound really negative, and I apologize. I’ve seen how broken hearts have messed up good friends of mine, and by being the friend who had to pick up the pieces and who had to help clean up the mess it’s something that’s infected me as well. Fakers should be branded. Tattooed on the forehead.

      I really do wish the Seether guys all the best. From the bottom of my heart. Their music gives me strength and makes me a better person, and my Seether-love is unconditional. I don’t know the band members, but I don’t have to – I know their music. That’s enough for me. I wouldn’t know what to say if I ever met them anyway.

      Love & respect

      • So well said, Huldra. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be “wanted” for the wrong reason. It must really mess with their heads.

        I really can’t understand what is going on inside a true groupie’s head. How can someone just want to be with a person because of what they are rather than who they are? It sounds insane.

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