I no longer exist.

Yep, I no longer exist on google. I happened to do a search in google for my blog because I needed a link address for a post I was working on. Normally, my Seether blog would show up on the first page. Now I am nowhere to be found. 😦 I tried both Seether blog and Seether blog WordPress. Neither one worked. My personal blog is still there on the first page with links to my Seether posts, so maybe people will still find me that way. I must have upset someone at Seether’s management or messed with some copyright issue. I can understand if that’s the reason.

Oh well. I write the blog because I like to write it. I love Seether. I would still write it if only one person read it.

I hope you guys like it too.

Seether Freak


Edit: All fixed. I am once again a Google first-pager.


16 responses to “I no longer exist.

  1. Thanks 😀 I’ve been checking it out for a few months! Good luck with getting your site back up on google. There’s other things you can do to get your google ranking high, such as inbound links. I dont know if you’ve considered writing about it on the seether blog, but maybe some people from there would want to give you advice.

    • I’m guessing you meant the Seether.com forums. 😉 No, I don’t think I’ll ask them for advise. I’m sure they’d find something to bitch about about my blog. I’m a little bit scared of some of them. LOL.

      Are you registered on the forums? If so, what’s your screen name? If you don’t mind telling me, of course. I’m drivenxxxunder on there. 🙂

    • I’m back on Google! Thanks so much for your help. I went to the site you recommended, so it must have worked.

    • The link that Sarah gave me seems to have worked. I’m showing up again on the first page. I didn’t think it would work that fast!

  2. That really, really, colossally sucks.

    I only recently discovered this blog, oddly, through Google Images. And I thought myself a fan of Seether! Jeez…

    Anywho, I’m getting a little off topic. I’m in-love with this blog, and someday, I will find a way to get married to a webpage. I know–sick and twisted, but I love this thing. You’ve got the best stuff selected, so I don’t have to sift through thousands of Google and Ask search pages.


    • Are you saying I’m obsessed?! LOL. Just teasing. I know I’m a little (lot) Seether obsessed. 🙂

      I’m so glad you like the blog, and what an interesting way to say it. But I think my blog will stay single for a while longer. It’s only 3 months old anyway. Too young to be tying the knot. 😉

      Welcome to the blog!

  3. Yes, I meant the seether forums. Glad your blog is back up! It’s great to have since Seether.com and Seether-online are not updated often and since the forum is limited in terms of what can be posted(embedded videos, actual pics, etc.).

    My name on the forums is Sarahj (I think). I dont post very often, but I read it frequently to check for new news.

  4. COOL.. you have more readers hehe..
    Isn’t this blog cool? all the information is here and If I hear new things, I’ll make sure to tell you guys.. lots of love.

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