Shaun used to play cricket

I found this old post from Shaun on the forum. He used to play cricket back home in South Africa. I’m sure most of you hard-core fans, like me, already knew this, but I still love to find any info that personally comes from the guys themselves.

I wonder if there are any old home movies of Shaun playing. I’m sure there are a lot us that would love to see them (if they exist). 🙂 

What Shaun said:

“I played cricket for 10 years, and I was always pretty crap. I was a spin bowler for w while, then tried bowling fast, but it wasn’t as fun. I eventually became a wicket keeper in high school, and I loved it. Keepers are part of the game the whole time, so it’s the most interesting position, to me anyway. I think my highest batting score was 31. So I wasn’t really a great batsman 🙂


Here’s the link to the rest of the thread.

For those who don’t know what cricket is, I found this on YouTube.

And Wikipedia’s explanation.


Seether Freak


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