Search Me

People have been searching for some really odd things and getting directed to my blog. Here are a few. Everything in parentheses are my own words.


so cold rip off of change house of flies (huh?)

2 broken fingers

shaun morgan naked (this one has shown up many times-jeez, I write ONE time about Shaun taking off his jacket!)

naked piercing (naked, naked, naked)

funny arse tattoo (this one made me “giggle-snort” as Triscuits would say ;))

how to pronounce seether (seriously? i’ve gotten this one multiple times. maybe I should write a post about it?)

dreadlocks korn (??)

eyebrows african

seether- dirty minds (ha-ha, yes I’m sure they do have dirty minds, they’re men)


Seether Freak


2 responses to “Search Me

  1. LOL (or giggle-snort) at african eyesbrows. Are they different to, let´s see, european??
    I guess the pronouncing searcher is from a non english-speaking country. You know, it´s quite hard for some of us to pronounce the “th”. And Seether is quite hard to pronounce. When i first got into them i said it loud to myself and i …. giggle-snorted (love that) because it sounded so funny. And wrong. But i exercised hard and now i think i say i right.

    • That’s the same thing I wondered about the eyebrow thing. Giggle-snort. LOL

      Hmmm…maybe I DO need to do about post about it. Just not sure how to explain it. But I guess I could post just about any YouTube interview of Seether. I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

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