Sympathetic Music Video

Did you know Seether made a music video for the song Sympathetic? I sure didn’t until I saw this old post from Shaun on the forums.


The Sympathetic video is something of a mystery, really. We filmed it in Jan 2003, and never saw it, or heard anything about it again.
I would love to get a copy of it, but my pleas have gone unnoticed. I’ll try again, and see if we can put it on perhaps.



I love this song. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the video came out on their 10th anniversary album? Hell yeah! Here’s a link to the rest of the thread. I’ve searched but have been unable to find the video anywhere online. Anyone know anything more about it?

Seether Freak


10 responses to “Sympathetic Music Video

  1. I haven´t heard anything abouth this video except what Shaun wrote himself.

    Hey, since when do you have a visitor map? I have one too on my blog along with a flagcounter. I love those playthings. My blog is just for general chatter, nothing special. It´s for my livejournal friends only so you cannot see much if you look into it as a “stranger” but yes, you can see i am a Seether fan 🙂

    • I added the visitor map right before I left, so about a week ago. I think it’s so cool to be able to see all the countries that have visited my blog. I loved the little bit that I could see of your blog. Those are two great pictures of Shaun. Do I have to be a member of live journal to join your blog?

  2. Cool, man thanks for that. I do that to. I’ll go back and read old threads all the time to find things I might not have known or missed when Shaun was around.

    For example;Did you know that Shaun somewhat gave answers and interpretation for a few songs. Such as Gasoline. He didn’t come out and say”This is what it is about exactly”

    He would let people guess and he would tell them if they were warm or not. But then it eventually fizzled out because, either he started not having time, or people began getting too close to what the songs were about. I don’t know

    I saved the thread if you want to read it sometime.

    • Yeah, I read that. It was completely awesome! I’ll probably eventually do a post about it, just so it’s on the blog for future reference. So that would be great if you want to give me the link to the thread so I don’t have to find it again. I’ll give you credit of course. 😉 We’ll get you famous some how. ha-ha.

  3. Yes, you have to be a member of Livejournal and be added to my friendslist. But i haven´t updated for about a month.
    When i am bored i like to do some “fanart” with pictures. Like wallpapers or icons or whatever. Photoshop is really nice amusement.
    Hey, if you visited my journal then i´m gonna have another dot on my map on the hawaiin island. 🙂 Your´s getting quite busy over the last days. Even some dots in South Africa. Respect. LOL.

    • The dots are really fun to see. I have one for Hawaii too because I forgot to add my IP address here to the ignore list before I logged into my blog. Oh well.

      It’s all thanks to Seether. It has nothing to do with my blog. That’s why I call it Seether Love Around the World. Not Me Love Around the World. No one really cares about me. 🙂

  4. I care! I think it’s wonderful that someone loves Seether as much as I do and I absolutely love your blog! The official Seether page is rarely updated, and I can’t say I have the time searching for news myself. So… Thank you! 😀

    Btw: I’m Norwegian, and judging by where I live, I guess I’m a part of the red dot on your visitor map. Just wanted to say “hello!” XD

    • Welcome to the blog! I love meeting other people that love Seether. And thank you for your kind words. 🙂 It’s very sad that Seether’s management doesn’t keep the fans updated.

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