Shaun look-a-like

I was just out and about tonight, having a little dinner with the hubby, and saw a guy that looked a lot like Shaun. Kind of. Okay…so no one would actually mistake him for Shaun and ask him for an autograph, but I could recognize the “Shaun-ness” in him. He was around the same height as Shaun and the same body build. The gorgeous long hair. The Shaun walk. If you’re a girl, you know which walk I mean. 😛 The guy had that shy, sensitive, rocker vibe about him. He made my little heart go pitter-patter. *Sigh* I even got that look of interest from him. But I’m married so all it could be was a look. I wouldn’t mind getting that look from Shaun though. Hubby be damned. Hehehehe. (That was my lecherous laugh).

Ooooo, I think my groupie is showing. lol.

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6 responses to “Shaun look-a-like

  1. LOL. I haven´t seen the “Shaun-ness” (i giggled so much when i read that word) in any guy here yet.

    Have a nice Easter and a save trip to Hawaii!

    • Glad I could make someone other than myself laugh. I crack myself up quite often. 🙂 I do hope that people take the post as it was meant. As something to make people laugh. Not a “Oh my God! Shaun’s so completely hawt! I wanna do him!” kind of way. I started worrying about it after I hit submit, but I try not to take anything back after I post it.

      Thank you and you have a great Easter also.

    • Very cool. Did he have the mohawk too?

      This guy I saw was my first look-a-like. And technically, he didn’t really look that much like Shaun. 🙂

    • I just ran into a Dale look-a-like in the office! He’s not sporting mohawk and he’s a bit taller and I. must. not. stalk. him! That would be bad.

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