Shaun sick…again.

A couple clips from last night’s show at the BOK Center. It was posted on the forums (all the way at the bottom of the page if the link doesn’t automatically take you there) last night that Shaun was too sick to go to the meet-n-greet before the show. Thanks to XxDisclaimerxX for giving everyone the inside scoop on that.

Feel better, Shaun. Only three more weeks. You can do it!

Shaun’s voice did sound a little ragged during Careless Whisper, but that could have been due to many different things. Other than that, he seemed just as amazing as always.

Troy really rocked the solos on both songs!


Seether Freak


4 responses to “Shaun sick…again.

  1. hey, I’ve seen you have used my name a few times XxDisclaimerxX for a few tidbits. That’s cool.

    I’m now famous. Thanks!

    Okay, not really. I do enjoy the blog, even if I don’t always post on here. So I’m sort of a lurker…

    • Nice to hear from you again.

      lol. I don’t know about famous. I just started the blog 2 1/2 months ago. Give me a few more months…then you’ll be famous. 😛

      I love that people from the Seether forums read my blog. It really surprises me because I always figure people from the forums either know MORE about Seether than I do or at least as much as I do. That’s why I don’t promote my blog there. Why do YOU read my blog? I would love to know. And don’t be a lurker (didn’t we all already have this discussion on the forums??). ha-ha.

      In case you didn’t know, I’m drivenxxxunder on the forums.

      Happy Easter!

  2. Oh, okay, cool now I know who you are.

    I read because it is somewhat different, in that it is sort of formatted in nature. Like you have Cover Wednesdays for example(Which I am going to try and get on because I am a guitarist/singer) lol

    It is kind of serious, fun and informative all wrapped in one. I don’t know. It’s about SEETHER, what else can be said? lol

    I don’t know everything about Seether. I sometimes will find out things going on through my internet friends I know all over. Or I’ll get lucky, and Troy will email me like that one time. Thanks to Tammy about Shaun being sick, because she flew from Las Vegas to Oklahoma for that show and informed me on the phone right after the meet&greet, which she got a CD of mine signed and John signed it to John, lol

    She said they had a funny little dialogue about it too. Troy and Dale gave it to John to sign it to John because he knows how to spell the name. haha

    Anyway, I’ve went to long, I think rambling.

    • I can’t wait to get a video from you! That will be awesome.

      Thank you so much for the great input on my blog. I completely get what you’re saying about it being “about SEETHER”. I’m the same way. Feed me Seether 24/7. lol

      And thank you for that kick ass inside story about getting your CD signed. Tammy must have had so much fun. The guys always seem to be so good about making people feel comfortable.

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