Crew and Saskatoon Pics

New pics showed up on Seether’s myspace. I guess they’ve actually been up for a couple of days. Sorry I didn’t tell you about them sooner. 😦 Bad Freak!

I love the pics of Troy and Shaun getting their makeup done. You know you’ve made it when you hire someone just to put your eyeliner on.

And there are pics of the crew! I wanna be Seether crew! I wonder which one is Bob from Bob’s Bunk Blog.

Who wouldn’t want these dolls? Sleep with your favorite band member every night. Hmmmm. Actually, maybe Jennifer and Amy are the ones who really need one. 😛


Seether Freak


6 responses to “Crew and Saskatoon Pics

  1. Hi
    I might be going blind or something, but yesterday or so when I went to Seether My Space, the crew pics were there. Today they aren’t. Do you know why?

    • Oh no, they are gone! That’s really too bad. 😦 I have no idea why they took them down. Maybe they’ll put them back up.

      And welcome to the blog!

  2. Nope. It still doesn´t work here on my notebook. I have to download before watching it. Somebody told me it´s a cookie problem. I am patient and wait for a Firefox update.

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