A cover of “Change” and other ramblings

Just so y’all know…I’m going to be gone for a month to take care of my mom while my dad is away on business. I’ll still be keeping the blog going while I’m gone, but I may occasionally go several days without updating or checking for comments. I have no idea how often I’ll get to use their computer (I don’t have a laptop), but I hope it’s often because I just might go crazy if I had to be away from the computer/internet for more than a few days. 😛 Anyway, just wanted you to know so you wouldn’t think I was abandoning you. I leave on 4/14 and get back 5/14. This is the only time I’ll post on here about my trip, so if you really, really, really want to know what hi-jinks my mom and I get ourselves into, you can read about it on my personal blog. I’m sure it won’t be all that exciting, but if you want to be nosy. heehee.

Now on to the real reason for this post. I was searching for a good version of Seether’s cover of Change (In the House of Flies) so I could rip it off YouTube for my ipod. Don’t judge. I’m going to be gone for a month. I need all the portable Seether I can get. Just imagine a month of country music played endlessly. Do you feel that tear slipping down your cheek? Exactly. That’s going to be the next month for me. Don’t judge. 😉

Back to the story. I did find a decent video of the song, and somehow it was one I’d never seen before. Shocking, right? I know.

I have scoured YouTube for Seether videos. I do daily Seether YouTube checks (don’t laugh, I’m sure I’m not the only one 😉 ). I thought I had seen almost everything, and yet, I had never seen this one. How is it possible? Well, I figured if I haven’t seen it, some of you might not have seen it either. So here it is.

Didn’t you just want to laugh hysterically when all the girlies screamed when Shaun flipped his hair? I sure did. And did Shaun wave at us? Oh my God! He did! Ahhhhhhhh!

Oh, and at 0:26-0:27. Was that a little west s-i-i-i-de he threw at us??

Seether Freak


2 responses to “A cover of “Change” and other ramblings

    • Thanks. I love getting so many comments from you. You’re the only one who seems to like me. 😛

      I knew I wasn’t the only one. lol

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