Not a prank, but still kind of funny

Remedy from the 4/1 show. It’s a great view. You get to see the under-appreciated roadies doing their thing during and after the song ends. Definitely watch this one in high quality.

And how awesome is it to watch Shaun freak out at the end of a set and fling his guitar around? Get your aggression out, Shauny! And what is that that he pushes over? A speaker?

I don’t know if this video was filmed the way it was on purpose or if it was just a camera glitch, but it looks awesome. It looks all black and white with occasional spots of color from the lights. Ooooo, an arty Seether video. lol

And now for the kind of funny part…Dale and Shaun run into each other near the end of the video. Can’t you just hear them laughing?  😛

Here’s the link.

Seether Freak


11 responses to “Not a prank, but still kind of funny

  1. Hell, NO !!! I can´t believe this is happening. You know, there have been some articles in the press that Youtube is going to block all music videos in Germany. I thought it was some kind of easter prank but now i can´t watch the video. It just won´t start. I tried some other links on my daily seether YouTube search list and none of them works. Not even my own videos. Bummer! Fortunately i can still download and watch from my Harddrive.
    It´s not a law issue, just the GEMA wants more money from YouTube and they are not willing to pay. GEMA is handling music exploitation rights. I hope they figure out a deal soon or hell breaks loose all over the country. :/

    • That’s completely ridiculous! And that’s really stupid you can’t even watch your own videos. I’m sorry. 😦 I hope it gets settled soon.

      Oh, and just to add my own little complaint. The Seether boards are down AGAIN. Grrrrrr.

  2. Strange thing is that i can watch it on my iPod Touch even though i am using the same wireless connection ?!?!?!? Maybe my browser is the problem. I gotta ask some german friends if they have similar problems.

  3. It still doesn´t work with the Firefox i use on my Notebook. I talked to a friend and she has the very same problem and blamed it on the issue i talked about earlier too. Now we figured out it came with an update of Firefox. I use 3.0.8 on my Notebook and 3.0.5 on the little Netbook i purchased recently and it works fine on the little one.

  4. I just checked the official Seether YouTube Channel and it says with almost every video “not available in your country” Even the funny Careless whisper spot is not available. Oh my God. What can i do now? I saved all the old stuff to my harddrive but what´s with upcoming stuff. Oh my Oh my Oh my. It makes my fangirlie self go insane.

  5. I hope they figure out a deal soon. I have heard there are similar problems in the UK. But there is a way around indeed and it’s called Proxy Server.
    I got really hysterical this morning when the Seether channel didn’t work.

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