Well, after reading the forum over the last couple days, I decided to write a little post about it. If you haven’t been reading the forums lately, have fun catching up.

Let’s see…we’ve had either Shaun or a fake Shaun posting quite a bit, and the Seetherlings have massacred a forum newbie.

So remember my fellow Seether Freaks, make nicey-nice on the boards, or you just might disappear like crazy little LC/do-dah did.  wha-ha-ha-ha-ha (that was my evil laugh 😉 )


Seether Freak


18 responses to “Oookay…

    • Agreed. The tip off for me was the post he made in “where are you from”. He wrote “SA”. South Africa’s abbreviation is ZA. I don’t think someone from South Africa would have written SA.

      It would have been cool if it was him though.

      That was crazy when the Lindsey chick went off on you. You handled it very well. 🙂

  1. Was first comment, when i told her to stop bothering him, rude? It sometimes is a language and mentality problem. What american find rude isn´t for europeans. I just wanted to tell her, that if she posts comment after comment he wouldn´t reply any quicker. He would probably assume her to be some kind of stalker and not answering at all. I am not even sure if it is his account. It´s neither on Dales, nor Johns, nor Troys friendslist while each of them is on everyones list (does this sentence make any sense?)

    I didn´t read the “Where are you from” post. Why would he answer to it at all. Everyone knows he´s from South Africa. What makes me sceptical is his signature as well. I don´t think he would use his own lyrics. Also, is there really a comma between “Throw” and “your dollar bills” ? I am at work and so i can´t look at the CD.

    • I went back and read the post. I think only the last sentence could be misinterpreted. But she took it to the extreme and went a lot insane in her post. I could tell you were just trying to be nice and helpful when you wrote that though.

      I agree with the signature thing. It’s not very Shaun at all.

  2. Technically this Sprinkles person never really claimed to be Shaun. People assumed and he played along. And he didn’t hurt anyone or anything, just lightened the board up a little really.

    • Welcome to the blog.

      You are correct. He never actually said, “Hey, I’m Shaun from Seether”, but he did imply it. Naughty Sprinkles. 🙂 It was fun for the first few posts to think it might actually be him.

    • I do hope Sprinkles, whoever he/she may be, sticks around on the boards. They have a great sense of humor. Although, I suppose it could be someone we already know logged in under a different name.

    • It’s been very weird the last few days on the forum. One minute I think it could possibly be Shaun and the next I’m sure it’s not. Sprinkles keeps saying things that are very Shauny.

      Did you read the stuff by Triscuits for Breakfast. At first I thought that might be Dale (it would be so Dale to pretend to be a 400 lb female cage fighter with the hots for Shaun), but now I’m considering it might be Shaun’s current girlfriend.

      No matter what, it’s been fun.

      • The other horrifying, blood-chilling thought I had, was that Sprinkles was Lindsey. But I don’t remember her being as literate as Sprinkles is.

  3. Never considered it to be his girlfriend. Would that be the mother of Bowie??? I guess they have better things to do in their spare free time 😉
    I gotta admit that i didn´t really get what they are talking about in the thread. First, what is a Triscuit???

    • It’s a cracker. A yummy, yummy cracker. 🙂 I decided to see if I could find a website to show you what a triscuit is, and lo and behold, triscuit has a wikipedia page. lol

      It was completely weird stuff they were talking about. I don’t think it’s the mother of Bowie (from what I’ve read) that he’s dating right now, but they could’ve gotten back together. Who knows?

      • Just after posting that comment I went to check to see what was going on on the forums, and it went down in the middle of me looking at it. Noooooo!
        ha-ha. Forgive me forums for saying anything bad about you. I take it back. You’re the bomb-diggity-bomb. Please come back. 😛

  4. Oh noes! It´s still down. I sneak in every now and then at work to enlighten my mood. What can i do now? Maybe check my MySpace. I wrote a message to Shaun (if it´s him) and asked if he is Sprinkles. No answer yet. Should i complain about it like Lindsey did? 😉

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