Interviews with Canadian fans

Bunch of video interviews with the band in January and February 2008 during their Canadian tour. Some of the videos are just live concert footage, but wade through them and you’ll find some good interview stuff with fans.

Seether Freak


One response to “Interviews with Canadian fans

  1. I was watching these videos last night and I realized that I’ve never taken the time to say, “thank you” to the Seether boys. (Okay, I realize that they’ll probably never see it, but I still feel the urge to spread a little love and gratitude.) I could write for a lifetime and still never quite express my gratitude for their music. The longer that I listen, the more I am in awe of their talent. Thank you for making a difference in my life! Thank you for being so open and available to your fans, too. It can’t be easy to do, but it’s really nice that you’ve given us a glimpse into your lives through your interviews and live performances. Thank you Shaun, Dale, John, and Troy, from a fan who selfishly hopes that you keep making music for a long time!

    P.S. Good luck with the new album!

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