Can we see it?

I just took a look at my Seether E-News email and there was this little message from the guys…

Greetings from the long, hard road. Well, to be honest, it’s not that hard cause we get to spend the night in front of you guys, rockin out and doing what we love. It did start off a little rough cause everyone was taking turns being deathly ill, but we are all happy and healthy now. So far the Nickelback tour has been freakin awesome! There’s nothing better than hitting the road with your friends like the NB and Saving Abel guys. We have been playing to sold out crowds every night, even doing a cover of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” with Nickelback.

This time we brought out a videographer with us and he has been recording some crazy backstage footage. Not too sure what we are going to do with it all, but I’m sure something great will come out of it. Anyways, if we haven’t rolled through your city yet get prepared…if we have come through thanks for coming out! Until next time…

-Dale, Shaun, Johnny and Troy

Hmmmm….so they did have someone following them around like I had pondered a few days ago. Very interesting….

But, of course, they’ve had lots of backstage footage they’ve been holding onto for years now. Guys, we’d all really like to see some of it. Pretty please.

Seether Freak


2 responses to “Can we see it?

  1. I have a subscription to the european news but didn´t get it. Of course! I feel disadvantaged!!!
    Anyway, i hope to see some of the footage. I wonder why they don´t put some of the stuff on MySpace. Or YouTube.

    • That’s weird that we would get different info in our newletters.

      Maybe they will put something up! We can only dream. 😉

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