I found this site a few minutes ago. While some of the things said are just plain mean, some of it had me cracking up. Who has time to write this stuff? Probably the same type of people who find stuff like this online and then blog about it. 😉


Seether Freak


6 responses to “What?!

  1. Some of the content is very rude indeed.
    Hey, i have a question. I just found these two photos and i was wondering if there are more from the shootings. I have a couple of Ash Newell photos but not from 2006.

    Any idea?

    • I have no idea. Those are great though. The second one looks a little familiar and the first one I’ve never even seen before. Good finds! Sorry I couldn’t help.

    • I tried searching for them, but Ash Newell doesn’t even have them on his website. Weird. I did find on his website a photo that looks like it’s from the same shoot as the first photo, but that’s it. Just find Shaun in the quotes.
      There are a bunch of other great photos of the band and of John if you haven’t seen them yet.

  2. I know the Ash Newell website. I love the pictures in the peanut gallery 🙂 But i didn´t see any picture that is similar to the photoshoot on my first picture. His hair is either shorter or more red. Which gallery is it where you found it?

    I found out that the other photo is from the Revolver magazine.

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