Seether does another great cover.

This was a post I did on my other blog before I created my Seether blog. I want the info on this blog, so I’m reposting it. 🙂  Just ignore it if you already read my other blog.


Gotta love the boys’ sense of humor. Also check out the song they’re talking about. Love, love, love it! Thanks to SeetherOnline. Please watch out for language (in comments, ect.) on this one if you have sensitive eyes. He’s in a feud with Seetherforever. It’s so sad to see Seether fans fight. They’re also fighting on the boards. Cut it out boys! Seether fans are supposed to live in a world of lollypops and butterflies. Love each other! (hee-hee)

Since you’re checking out one of their covers, why not check out a few more. : ) I love Shaun’s voice so much that I find I like his covers better than the originals.

Alice in Chains’ Nutshell.

Mad Season’s River of Deceit.

STP’s Creep.

Nirvana’s Breed. This isn’t the best cover, but I LOVE Shaun’s awkward little dance he does about 2/3 the way through.

There are a bunch of others but I think five is enough for today. You can always look up more on your own. There are a ton on YouTube. Seether fans are hardcore and post anything they can find on the guys.


3 responses to “Seether does another great cover.

  1. He´s not the only one who is annoyed by seetherforver. He (or maybe she) is constantly stealing the videos others found. I am all about sharing but he could at least leave a comment or give some credit. It happend to me so many times. I found the videos from the south african websites – few hours later they were on his channel; i found the FTG session and guess was? Most of the songs popped up on his channel shortly after i uploaded it. It happend with many more of my videos. And you know what is most annoying??? He gets all the credits. Even on the message board someone thanked him for all his great finds. And it were my videos they were talking about. Well, not mine, but you know what i mean. I put some kind of banner in my videos but it was very small and he just covered it with a shadow. For some time i had my videos private and for friends only but that wasn´t fair to other fans so i changed it to public again…Yes, i am annoyed by this guy/girl.
    End of rant

    • I think he/she always gets the credit because he’s/she’s always the last to post, so when people look for the newest stuff, guess who’s videos they find first? Yep, seetherforever’s.

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