Hey Man Nice Shot from 3/9/09 Show

I know I’ve posted about this before, but I thought this was a great version of the song. Chad and Shaun talking at the beginning is cute, and I love Shaun’s change in lyrics at around 3:30. It’s so very Shaun. Watch it in high quality if you can.

Seether Freak


Edit: Another great version popped up. Not sure what show it’s from.


7 responses to “Hey Man Nice Shot from 3/9/09 Show

  1. Oh, i love this version. I saw it this morning before i went to work. Unfortunately i cannot understand what they are talking about at the beginning. Can you?

    • Yep. First, Chad says he thinks it’s Sunday. Shaun says, “isn’t it Monday?” The crowd tells them it’s Monday. Chad points at a fan and says they are going to her house. He then chants “we’re coming to your house.” Shaun sing-songs “doo da”. Chad repeats the “doo-da”. Chad says, ” I hope you have lots of beer (to the girl in the crowd), actually you’re a vodka drinker aren’t you (to Shaun)?” Shaun agrees he likes vodka. Chad says he will drink some vodka too.
      Then they joke about Shaun liking an $800 bottle of something (can’t understand what he says). Chad jokes, “On my tab”. Shaun laughs. Chad continues, “No, that was Cristal, you f**cker, and it was $1000 a bottle.”
      Chad says to crowd “Who wants to hear Shaun sing a song?” …to Shaun, “Cause I get to run all over the f**kin’ place and now you got to carry the show, dude.” To crowd, “Here he goes…”

      Is that what you needed? I wasn’t sure. Was it a language barrier thing? 🙂

  2. Oh thank you. I usually understand Shaun very good but i had problems with this because the sound is kind of muffled. I understood some words but didn´t get the context. Maybe it was too early for a foreign language…it was 6:15 am and i just got out of bed when i saw it.

    • Welcome. You write english so well I never would have known you occasionally had problems understanding it. In fact, if you hadn’t told me you were from Germany, I never would have known english was your second language.

      I also have an advantage understanding what they’re saying because I’m a medical transcriptionist. I’ve been trained to listen to people talking and be able to understand what they’re saying even when they have an accent.

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