Behind the scenes with Evanescence and Seether

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but I just haven’t had the time to do it. Today is the day.

I’ve linked to the full version of Evanescence’s Anywhere But Home Behind the Scenes. Seether was on tour with them at the time it was filmed and also Shaun and Amy were dating. So if you want to watch all of it, go for it. I happen to like Evanescence, so I enjoyed watching all of it. If you only want to watch the Seether parts, I’ve listed where each part is. Mostly it’s just Shaun stuff.

Part 1

6:59-7:25 Shaun hanging out on bus.

7:50-7:55 Shaun working on laptop.

Part 2

2:58-3:14 Shaun and Dale doing Swan Lake. (sooo funny)

Part 3

1:53-1:57 Shaun getting his makeup done.

Part 4

3:50-4:05 Dale and Shaun (possibly more of the band) come out of hotel room. Really hard to see.

4:05-4:18 Shaun in haunted hotel room. (his back)

The next set (italics) I would just watch all together from 4:33-7:34 to get the full effect, but if you really only want Seether, I’ve broken it down.

4:33-5:06 Amy talks about pranking Seether.

5:07-5:23 Seether being pranked.

6:00-6:21 Seether being pranked again. (If you watch 5:23-5:59 you see Amy and friends getting ready to prank Seether)

6:22-6:30 Shaun talks about pranking Evanescence.

6:31-7:34 Seether pranks Evanescence.

8:09-8:19 Shaun and Dale on couch.

8:20-8:46 Shaun laughs at Amy.

9:26-9:28 Shaun’s butt. 

9:51-9:57 Dale’s butt. John and Shaun smack it.

Part 5

0:01-0:05 repeat of Dale’s butt and John and Shaun smacking it.

0:43- 1:05 Shaun and burps. Shaun’s South African mating call. lol

2:45-5:23 Shaun with Evanescence getting wasted in dressing room. Shaun is so funny. Love the pigtails. (not every second includes Shaun, but you kinda lose some of the funniness if you only watch pieces of it.)

6:46-6:52 Seether in the background.

Part 6

1:08-2:49 Shaun and karaoke.

3:24-3:26 Seether in group photo.


I think that’s everything. Enjoy.

Seether Freak


Edit: While browsing old posts on the forum, I found this thread. Which led me to the Evanescence forums. I laughed so hard while reading this. The awards ceremony starts on page 12 and stops around page 21 or so. Shaun wins several awards. Yay for Shaun. To bad he didn’t win best arse like he wanted. Poor guy wasn’t even nominated. Dale was, but he didn’t win either.  😦



3 responses to “Behind the scenes with Evanescence and Seether

  1. Awesome. I didn´t know this came from a DVD. I have only seen bits and pieces of it and was always wondering where it is from. I don´t really care for Evanescence, never did. I know few songs and i like those but i never found it good enough to buy an album. But without Amy Lee i had never found Seether. Some time ago a friend posted a link to the Broken Video and i was like “who´s Seether” but i clicked on the link because i knew Amy Lee. Well, what can i say…i was a Seether fan from this day on.

    • I do like Evanescence’s music. But to be honest, watching the video changed my opinion of Amy Lee. In the video she seems like she’s an attention hog and really annoying when she’s drunk. Of course she may not be like that in real life since I’m sure the footage was edited to death.

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