How to pronounce Welgemoed.

Cute interview with Dale, Shaun and John. When Shaun says his last name, Welgemoed, the interviewer does the corniest joke ever. I wonder how many times Shaun’s heard that one? 😉

I always wonder…since Shaun now goes by his middle name, does he always feel like he’s in trouble when someone calls his name. Because when I was growing up, if someone called me by my first and middle name it meant I was in trouble. I don’t know if it’s that way all over the world, but for everyone I know that’s how it was.


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3 responses to “How to pronounce Welgemoed.

  1. I was never called by my middle name. But that doesn´t mean i was never in trouble 🙂
    It´s just uncommon in my place. Around the time i was born everyone got the name of the godmother/-father as middle name. It´s in my passport but as i said, i never use it. Well, i used it once for ordering an airline tickets to Toronto because they wanted the name as it is on my passport and when the tickets arrived i was like “WTF”

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