Seether is a peaceful band.

Short interview with Shaun and Dale on 07/28/2004 on Plasma Channel. Just click on Shaun’s picture and then where it says DSL.


Seether Freak


Edit: Chezzy was able to get this video uploaded to YouTube.


8 responses to “Seether is a peaceful band.

  1. Cool! I love to see new stuff. Unfortunately i cannot watch it here at work. We are not allowed to stream videos. We are not allowed to surf in the internet but that´s another thing 😉 Our local server is down at the moment and so there´s nothing else to do. The only thing that works is the internet browser. And talking about servers being down….the forum is also down-once. Again.

    • Don’t you just love getting paid to do nothing? 😉 hee-hee.
      The forum is definitly an oddity. I’ve never seen one that goes down like the Seether boards do. It’s weird. And sometimes frustrating.

    • Of course you can! If you’re going to do that, I may change the link in the post to your YouTube link. If you don’t mind, of course. 🙂

  2. Okay. It may take a few days. It´s an .rm file and YT doesn´t work with Real media files. I have to convert it first and here´s the problem: usually converted .rm files aren´t lip sync anymore. The same thing happend to the Rhapsody videos i uploaded a while ago. Took me days to find a way to get it back sync. I hate to hear the sound before i see the lips move 😉 Anyway, there´s a free software i found but it´s quite hard to work with it.

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