Making of…

I don’t know about you, but I love making of videos. I love anything behind the scenes. Here are the ones I’ve been able to find for Seether.

Driven Under – YouTube or slightly better version at Seether-Online in the video section.

Remedy – YouTube 

Broken – YouTube

Truth – Seether-Online in the video section.

The Gift – YouTube

Rise Above This – YouTube  (around 1:05 you see Shaun crying-it breaks my heart)

If you go to Seether-Online, check out the other kick ass videos he has posted. Definitely check out Shaun singing Fell On Black Days with Chris Cornell. It’s super rare footage (in fact it might be the only one posted online) and it’s amazing. The guy who runs the website is a REAL Seether freak. He’s been to 26 (soon to be 27) Seether concerts! He’s currently in the process of uploading more video, so check back often for new stuff. The link to his website is also in my Seether Sites links if you need it at a later date.


Seether Freak


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