Another Interview

Interview is with Shaun, Dale and Pat. Dale actually speaks in this interview, but Shaun keeps interrupting him. Bad Shaun! 🙂


I would really love to hear the demo Shaun is talking about in part 1.

Seether Freak

Edit: I had seen this interview before, but could not find the link to post for you’ll for the life of me. I knew there was a lot more to the interview than just the video. I now have that link thanks to Chezzy. (see comments) 



6 responses to “Another Interview

  1. Hi,
    i´m the one who uploaded the videos to YouTube. Glad you like them. Maybe you wanna check out my channel. I have plenty more Seether stuff.
    Apparently the website where i found these 3 short videos has also some live performances. Unfortunately it seems like it´s not available for those outside the States and i´m in Germany.
    If you wanna take a look at it, it´s here
    See you

    • Hey Chez,
      Thanks for the comment. I had looked for about an hour this morning trying to find the website where I had previously seen those interview videos. I appreciate you posting the link. I know my readers will enjoy it.
      Are you the same Chezzy from the Seether boards?

  2. Yes, i am 🙂 I usually call myself Chez, Chezzy or Chezzy77 but recently i changed my username in some places to Abyssinia because i was tired of being called Cheezy 😉 So if you come across any of these names, it´s probably me. Me real name is Heike btw, but that´s hard to pronounce for anyone outside Germany i guess.

    You may have seen that i asked Matt from seether-online on the board if he´s gonna upload those videos to his site again. He said yes and so i hope i´m gonna see it soon too.

    I like your blog a lot, btw. I have never seen this nice little video with Dale and the motorcycle before. ROFL.

    • Nice to meet you Chez-with-the-unpronounceable-real-name. I’m drivenxxxunder on the boards. I don’t post that often. Mostly a lurker.
      It’s so great to see that Matt is going to start updating his website again. There’s already some really awesome stuff on there.
      I’m glad you like my blog. When I first became obsessed with Seether I spent ALOT of my time researching them. That’s how I discovered YouTube. I figured there must be other new fans who were doing the very same thing. Why not have it all in one place for them. Also, on my other blog I had to restrain myself to writing about them only once a week. Now I get to write about them every day. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂

  3. I have seen your username on the board. Nice to see you are here too.
    My real name is pronounced this way Hei = Hi and ke like in Ken without the n – accented on the Hi – easy, isn´t it. 🙂
    I see Shaun explaining how his real name is pronouned all the time. That´s actually quite easy for me. The dutch where it´s originated isn´t far away from the german.

    • Thanks for the help with pronouncing your name. 🙂 Sorry I can’t give you my real name. I try to keep personal identification info to a minimum for safety reasons. You can call me S if you’d like. Or Seether Freak. Or drivenxxxunder. I will answer to them all. 😉

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