Since today is Valentine’s Day, the day of luv, I thought I would write about Seether’s most well known love song, Broken. Most people assume (don’t ass-u-me, it makes an ass out of u and me) that the song Broken is about a failed relationship that Shaun had.

The truth is that the song was written for his daughter Jayde. Knowing that makes the song more meaningful and make more sense to me. It’s a powerful song. Check out this article that talks about the song being about his daughter and also how he is a cool big brother to his little sister.

Like most people, the song Broken was the first song that made me aware of Seether. I was a big Evanescence fan, so I first watched the video because Amy Lee was attached to it. But I stayed for Seether and the rest of their music.

Original acoustic version (my favorite version)

ft. Amy Lee version

Live version (from One Cold Night)

Live version (prank night-so funny) Here’s another version. The sound is bad (mute it), but you can see more of the Amy Lees and some of the other pranks that happened that night. 🙂


Seether Freak


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