Shaun vs. Fire

This is one of my favorite pictures of Shaun.


As far as I can tell, he’s using regular drinking alcohol to do this instead of the more usual kerosene, but I could be wrong. Every time I see this picture I wonder what was going on inside his head when he did it. Had he done this before? Was he drunk? Did he get burned? And yet, there’s still something very sexy about it. Do you think he knew how sexy he looked doing it? I doubt it.

Here’s a YouTube video of Shaun playing with fire again. It’s hilarious when Shaun (after getting burned) just pops the cigarette in his mouth and starts smoking like it was nothing. And then around 0:51, you see Dale grinning in absolute joy on that bike. I know he’s a big motorcycle guy, so he must have been loving this. That must have been a fun night.

Seether Freak


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